Upgrade & Crossgrade

UPGRADE to Full Bundle – trade-in your original License(s) for a new Bundle License that includes your original License(s) and more.

CROSSGRADE to DrMS – trade-in your StereoDelta License and have it replaced for a new DrMS License.

Read me first!

Choose the correct upgrade or crossgrade path for your situation – a specific upgrade or crossgrade path will only complete if you own (all) the original License(s) required for trade-in (“surrender”) in your iLok account!
It is not required to already have an account on our website – if you don’t, a new account will be created on Checkout.

Upgrade and Crossgrade paths are based on the iLok License(s) you own inside your iLok account – it does not matter whether you bought the original License(s) direct or from a Reseller, nor if you have a website account with us or not, nor if the original License(s) show in your Purchase History or not (in case you already do have an account).

If you already own all our current plug-ins separately, you can get into the bundle program at a nice price once a next plug-in is released.


The “from” License(s) must be available in your iLok account.
See full procedure below.

Upgrade to Full Bundle

from TiCo
€129 – ADD TO CART
from DrMS + StereoDelta
from StereoDelta
€159 – ADD TO CART
from TiCo + StereoDelta


The “from” License(s) must be available in your iLok account.
See full procedure below.

Crossgrade to DrMS

from StereoDelta


1. Check License(s) for trade-in
Make sure any original License required for trade-in (“surrender”) is fully available on your main computer:

  1. Deactivate all required License(s) from your 2nd computer (if any):
    Run the iLok License Manager on that 2nd computer, select the computer icon in the Local panel, look up the required License(s) in the list, right-click each and choose ‘Deactivate’.
  2. Connect your iLok USB dongle(s) (if any) to your main computer.
2. Buy and Redeem Code
  1. Buy your UPGRADE or CROSSGRADE iLok License Redeem Code.
  2. Run the iLok License Manager on your main computer and log in.
  3. Go to menu Licenses –> Redeem Activation Code .
  4. Enter your purchased UPGRADE or CROSSGRADE iLok License Redeem Code.
3. Activate NEW License
  1. In iLok License Manager, go to menu View –> Available Licenses .
  2. Look up the NEW ‘Mathew Lane’ License in the list (it’ll have a blue flag icon).
  3. Right-click it and choose ‘Activate’.
  4. Follow the instructions to trade-in (“surrender”) your original License(s).
  5. Choose location of your choice to Activate the NEW License to.
  6. (Optional) To Activate your 2nd computer, follow the 2nd activation procedure, as described in the FAQ.