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Mathew Lane audiotools are innovative new solutions, created when no other hardware or software could be found suitable for the task.

Mathew Lane, born Mathijs Indesteege (1981, Belgium), is an independent music professional working as a mastering engineer and audiotool designer/consultant.

Mathijs studied engineering at the university of Leuven and went on to the music conservatory of Ghent where he graduated as Master in Music – Music Producer.

Next to his own activities, Mathijs works as Sales Director & Product Support Engineer at Joystick Audio, the Benelux & France high-end pro audio distributor.

Meanwhile, Mathijs has been active as DJ for many years, with a residency at the White Cat in Ghent, and a monthly radiomix on Urgent.fm as part of the 40 Fingers Cartel DJ collective.

Mathew Lane is available for:

  • audio mastering services
  • audio software & hardware design consultancy
  • DJ sets
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  • DrMS

    Introducing the DrMS concept to the world. Originating from a specific need to fix mono compatibility errors in a mix during mastering.

  • DrMS v2

    Major algorithm improvement that allows to create wider and deeper soundstages while maintaining the excellent mono compatibility DrMS is known for.

  • DrMS v3

    Re-coded from the ground up: DrMS becomes a true native VST/AU/RTAS plugin for OSX and Windows that no longer requires the (now discontinued) Pluggo Runtime shell.
    V3 has numerous improvements and new features over version 2, such as the newly implemented mastering grade filters, the addition of the Feedback circuit for reverb creation and special effects, the improved GUI with value displays and the inclusion of example preset settings.

  • DrMS v4

    Massive CPU performance optimisation and 64-bit support, while ensuring the same high quality sound DrMS is known for. The update also features a further improved GUI with a built-in preset management system facilitating exchange of settings between different hosts and platforms.

  • DrMS v4 AAX

    Adding support for the new native AAX plug-in format in ProTools.

  • StereoDelta

    Introducing a single knob version of the powerful DrMS algorithm, making Mathew Lane spatial processing extremely easy to use and accessible to anyone.


    After two years of development, the OnTheMoon SPACECRAFT is launched! A revolutionary analog spatial processor, based on Mathew Lane’s spatialising technology. For the first time, this unique control of the stereo field is possible in the analog domain. Learn more

  • DrMS v5

    Offering a striking fresh GUI, introducing features such as the central phase scope and manual entering of parameter values.
    The new underlying framework ensures compatibility with the latest OS and DAW versions, now and in the future. Learn more

  • StereoDelta v2

    Featuring a beautiful new GUI and adding Host Computer (dongle free) authorisation support, powered by the new DrMS v5 framework under the hood. Learn more

  • DrMS dongle-free

    DrMS also adds support for Host Computer (dongle free) authorisation, just like StereoDelta. And what’s more: all our plug-in licenses now come with Dual Activations! Learn more

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