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July 15, 2019

DrMS goes dongle-free – and more

We are happy to announce updates for our spatial processor plug-ins DrMS and StereoDelta!

What’s new in DrMS v5.2?

  • Dongle-free Machine (Host Computer) Authorisation support.
  • A physical iLok USB dongle is optional but no longer required!
  • Dual Activations: activate your license on 2 computers or iLoks
  • New presets – including presets by Dave Pensado
  • Several little user experience improvements
  • Internal algorithm optimisations

What’s new in StereoDelta v2.2?

  • Dual Activations: activate your license on 2 computers or iLoks
  • Internal algorithm optimisations

These are free updates for all DrMS and StereoDelta users. Existing users will have the additional activation and Machine Authorisation support become available automatically. See our FAQ for more info and on how to activate your license the second time.

May 28, 2019


“From the mind of Mathew Lane, creator of DrMS, comes another innovation in spatial processing. The analog OnTheMoon SPACECRAFT has taken my mixes to a new level. It gives them stunning width and depth and is extremely musical. I love it!” Dave Pensado

June 2, 2018

Dave Pensado on StereoDelta

In the Into The Lair #189 on Pensado’s Place, Dave shows how he’s using StereoDelta for widening kicks and bass!

May 23, 2018

New DrMS review & videos

DJBooth did an in-depth DrMS review, including nice tips’n’tricks! A great read for both new and existing DrMS users!
Mixbus.tv made a video about reproducing analog summing with plug-ins – featuring DrMS.
Bill Cammack made another video, this time about using DrMS as mono-to-stereo upmix tool on vocals.

March 21, 2018

DrMS v5.1.0 and StereoDelta v2.1.0

New in DrMS in v5.1.0 and StereoDelta v2.1.0 is the ability to run them as mono-to-stereo plug-in instances in AAX and AudioUnit hosts. Perfect for easy mono-to-stereo upmixing!


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