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    StereoDelta. The magic happens inside.

    StereoDelta is an easy to use spatial processor, available as AAX/AU/VST/VST3 plug-in, with one powerful knob to control your stereo image. From true mono to three dimensional width, StereoDelta always maintains a natural sound thanks to DrMS technology inside.



    All installation and authorisation info is included with the Demo License download.

    Requires a free PACE iLok account .
    An iLok USB dongle is NOT required.


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    Some might find the power of the critically acclaimed DrMS plug-in a bit overwhelming. This is where StereoDelta comes in:

    One knob controls several parameters of the advanced DrMS algorithm inside at once. Well chosen internal parameter combinations make StereoDelta a flexible and creative tool for instant high quality useful and unique results.

     v1 Review by Sean Divine


    For OSX 10.7 and up / Windows 7 and up,
    supporting AAX/AU/VST/VST3 plug-in formats
    Requires a free PACE iLok account
    Dongle-free ‘Host Computer’ authorisation
    (optionally use a physical iLok USB dongle)
    Dual Activations: use 2 computers or iLoks

     Pensado’s impression


    StereoDelta features


    Leading spatial audio processing
    based on the acclaimed DrMS plug-in

    Powerful single knob control
    from true mono folddown – save stereo info in mono! – to larger than life stereo
    with one simple turn

    Not just wider
    deeper, more open, more real
    the ultimate mix glue

    Mono to Stereo
    easy to use upmixing

    Full mono compatibility
    no surprises on any playback system

    Internal Autogain
    for easy level matched A/B comparision




    Below are a few examples of some specific StereoDelta uses, from the great tutorial videos by Sean Divine.

    On Ad-libs

    On Distorted 808’s

    On Distorted Rap Vocals

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